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Why MSPs choose us?

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ITE integrate seamlessly within your company

We don’t consider ourselves as a service provider but as a genuine partner.
We also understand that integration is critical in creating a successful partnership, we will make sure that during the on-boarding process we understand and adopt your company culture, values, processes and tools to integrate seamlessly with your company.

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ITE OSS is 100% MSP channel focused.

We comprehend your need for specialist partners who understand your clients and your environment to provide your day-to-day commitments.
We are fully dedicated to MSP channels to help you deliver the service quality standard of large companies to your clients at a very competitive price.​

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Benefit from flexible service level and resources without long-term engagement.

We understand that your business changes fast, ITE OSS provide you flexible plans to fulfill your support staff needs and to not get locked into any long term commitments.
We understand also that all your clients are different, ITE OSS offers Highly Adaptable Service Level Agreement (SLA) tailored to your commitments.


What our client say about us?


“ITE has always been here in when needed to support our complex IT infrastructure.”
xxx xxx, COO of Coca Cola HBC AG

“ITE has always done the extra mile to deliver outstanding service at a great value.”
​xxx xxx Head of infrastructure, KIA Subaru BG

“ITE has always done the extra miles to deliver outstanding service at a great value.”
​xxx xxx Head of infrastructure, KIA Subaru BG


Our customers

The following companies trust ITE for their IT support staffing needs:

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Our technology partners

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Need more information?


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